Last year the tragic mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas reinforced the fact that as long as our streets are flooded with weapons, there is only so much authorities can do to keep our children safe. In 2023 the calamity of gun violence in the United States continues unabated. Already this year we’ve witnessed over 70 mass shootings in the U.S., including an attack on a dance studio that killed 11 and is the deadliest mass shooting in the history of Los Angeles County.

Politicians have failed to address the crisis of gun violence, even though over 90% of the country supports common sense policies like expanding background checks to all gun sales. Firearm manufacturers and gun retailers rake in billions in handgun, assault rifle, and ammunition sales, profiting from the bloodshed. Meanwhile, these gun companies can be found in our retirement savings.

We have the power to cut our financial ties to gun violence. We’ve updated our gun company exclusion list on Gun Free Funds to track more gun companies, giving retirement savers the most up-to-date information to align their investments with their values. You can use our database to stop profiting from gun violence in your savings.

Retirement plans invest in mutual funds which often hold firearm manufacturers like Smith & Wesson, Sturm Ruger, and Vista Outdoor, as well as gun retailers like Walmart. These retirement funds are opaque, making it difficult for people to find out whether gun companies are hidden in their savings. This disconnect leaves people in the dark, financially supporting industries that are not aligned with their values. Teachers across the nation are unaware that they may be invested in the companies making the guns used in school shootings.

Not only is this a moral issue, but it’s also a financial one. The increased scrutiny and potential for stricter regulations on firearms manufacturers could lead to negative financial consequences for investors. Gun Free Funds can help you avoid these risks by finding investment options that don’t invest in gun companies.

The endless cycle of gun violence in the U.S. has left many of us feeling powerless in the struggle for peace and safety in our society. Yet if you are one of the millions of Americans saving for retirement, you have the power move your money out of companies that profit from violence, and instead invest in a safe, just, and sustainable world. Visit Gun Free Funds to get started.