Happy International Day of Forests! Today, people all over the world are taking action to protect our forests and raising awareness of their importance. If you’re invested in mutual funds or saving for retirement, you have the power to help end deforestation once and for all.

Sign a petition asking your fund manager to adopt a No Deforestation policy!

You can help end deforestation

Are you invested with one of the asset managers below? These mutual fund managers are among the world’s top investors in agribusiness companies responsible for destroying our tropical rainforests. Their continued financing of the world’s worst deforesters exposes them and their clients to reputational and financial risk – and they have no policies in place to stop the destruction.

Urge asset managers to adopt a No Deforestation policy

Sign a petition asking your asset manager to adopt a No Deforestation policy!

Deforestation is driving climate change

Deforestation is responsible for almost one quarter of all global greenhouse gas emissions, and for unprecedented species extinction. Vast swaths of land are deforested for commodities such as palm oil, pulp and paper, cattle, soy, timber, and rubber.

Deforestation-driven industrial plantation agriculture is also a leading cause of dispossession and displacement of local and indigenous communities.

Protecting the world’s remaining forests is key if we want to limit the catastrophic impacts of climate change, reduce our impact on biodiversity, and respect the rights of indigenous peoples.

Amplify your impact

We built Deforestation Free Funds in partnership with Friends of the Earth U.S. to show you if your savings are invested in companies and sectors driving deforestation. This free-to-use online tool also shows you how to take action to get fund managers to implement more sustainable investment policies, and helps you find investment options that support an environmentally-friendly future.

Today you can join climate activists all over the world and amplify your impact by pushing to make our finances deforestation-free. Large fund companies like Vanguard and BlackRock can move the entire market and play a crucial role in averting catastrophe, and instead finance the transition to a livable planet. But they won’t do it without pressure from us.

Urge your fund manager to adopt a No Deforestation policy!