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$11 Trillion in Fund Holdings Screened for 50 Largest Coal-Fired Utilities

Apr. 24, 2017As You Sow's Fossil Free Funds partners with Macroclimate® to expose hidden investments in coal power plants

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New Web Tool Shows Unexpectedly High Carbon Exposure of Funds

Oct. 13, 2016As You Sow, team up to carbon footprint $11 trillion in funds utilizing data from South Pole Group and exposing carbon risk – available now at

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More than 20,000 Individual and 401(k) Investors Call for Fossil Free Retirement Options

Apr. 18, 2016Many Americans are increasingly worried about the financial risk of owning fossil fuel companies in their 401(k) plans

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New Web Tool Reveals Fossil Fuel Companies Hidden in Mutual Funds

Sep. 15, 2015New, free-to-the-public web tool reveals where fossil fuel holdings are hiding in the most commonly-owned mutual funds

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