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Fossil Free Funds is a search platform built to help people find out if their money, in the form of individual investments or an employer-offered retirement plan, is being used to extract and consume fossil fuels.
Owning investments in coal companies, oil/gas producers, and coal-fired utilities isn’t just a moral question. Fossil fuel investments carry real financial risks. When emissions are constrained, fossil fuel companies will have their carbon assets stranded. The implication is that they’re massively overvalued, and markets are realizing that investing in fossil fuels is a risky bet.
Fossil Free Funds empowers investors to know exactly what they own, to see if their savings are invested in dirty energy sources, and to find investment options that support a cleaner, greener future.
401(k) retirement plans

For many of us, the majority of our investments are in 401(k)/403(b) plans offered by our employers. These plans invest entirely mostly through mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). But those funds can invest in a wide array of securities, and it’s not always easy for investors to investigate what’s inside the funds they own. You can spend hours poring over mutual fund prospectuses, and still not fully grasp everything your plans is invested in. Your retirement money may be invested in economically and morally risky fossil fuel companies.

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As You Sow

At As You Sow, we’ve been engaging energy companies on climate change issues for many years. When we decided to make sure our own 401k options were fossil free and socially responsible, we thought it would be simple. In fact, it took weeks of digging just to find out what was inside our plan. And what we found shocked us - oil companies, fossil-fired utilities, and other companies avoided by socially responsible investors. We decided it was time for people who aren’t mutual fund experts to know how much of their retirement money was invested in unsustainable fossil fuel operations.

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How Fossil Free Funds works
  • Look up mutual funds using up-to-date Morningstar data
  • Analyze your investments for fossil fuel stocks
  • See each fund's carbon footprint and clean energy holdings

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  • Learn how to make a change and invest fossil free
  • Ask your financial advisor about fossil free investing
  • Push your employer to provide fossil free options

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Morningstar investment research

Morningstar, Inc. is a leading provider of independent investment research. They provide the financial data on global stocks and U.S. mutual funds, including company industry classifications, that we use to power Fossil Free Funds.

Industry sectors
Carbon Underground 200™

The Carbon Underground 200™, compiled and maintained by Fossil Free Indexes℠, identifies the top 100 public coal companies globally and the top 100 public oil and gas companies globally, ranked by the potential carbon emissions content of their reported reserves.

Carbon Underground 200™
Macroclimate® 30

Coal is among the largest sources of global warming pollution in the world. Obtaining it destroys mountains, burning it releases hazardous emissions, and disposing of it results in hazardous toxic waste. Coal is scorching the planet and leaving a legacy of devastation in its wake. That’s why we partnered with Macroclimate® to screen mutual funds for the Macroclimate® 30 – an exclusion list of the 30 largest public-company owners of coal-fired power plants in Developed Markets plus China and India.

Macroclimate® 30
Carbon footprint

Fossil fuel companies and those emitting large quantities of CO2 have come under increasing levels of scrutiny for their large and direct responsibility for climate change. For investors, such companies are increasingly seen as potentially risky investments. To independently analyze and calculate carbon footprints for the mutual funds, we used the powerful "Carbon Footprint Analysis Tool" of yourSRI.com, which provides the information on corporate emissions worldwide.

Carbon footprint
Our team
Fossil Free Funds is a project of As You Sow. We work to build a safe, just, and sustainable world in which protecting the environment and human rights is central to corporate decision making.
Andrew Behar, CEO
Andrew Behar
Andrew Behar, As You Sow CEO, has 30 years of experience as a Senior Executive and strategist in the cleantech, communications, and life science sectors. Prior to joining As You Sow, Andrew founded and was CEO of a start-up developing innovative fuel cell technologies. He served as COO for a social media agency focused on sustainability and has been a strategic consultant in the nonprofit sector. He is a member of the board of US Social Investing Forum (US-SIF) is a member of the UN Sustainable Stock Exchange Green Finance Advisory Group. His book, The Shareholders Action Guide: Unleash Your Hidden Powers to Hold Corporations Accountable was published in November 2016 by Berrett-Koehler.
Danielle Fugere, President and Chief Counsel
Danielle Fugere
President and Chief Counsel
Danielle is responsible for strategic management of the Energy, Environmental Health, and Waste programs. She brings a wealth of experience in achieving broad and lasting change and in-depth knowledge of clean energy, conservation policy, toxic enforcement, and team building. Danielle served most recently as Executive Director of the Environmental Law Foundation. Prior, she was Legal Director and Regional Program Director for national nonprofit Friends of the Earth, where she spearheaded innovative legal strategies to reduce global warming pollution and directed campaigns to reduce pollution and promote sustainable alternative energies and fuels. Through her work, Danielle has been instrumental in securing compliance with environmental laws and industry conversions to environmentally sound technologies, including a settlement with the City and County of Los Angeles resulting in a $2.1 billion sewer system upgrade. Danielle was recognized with the WaterKeeper’s Environmental Achievement Award in 2000 for her outstanding achievements protecting California waters from pollution and compelling polluters to assume the costs of environmental degradation. She holds a JD from the University of California, Berkeley School of Law and a BA in Political Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.
Andrew Montes, Director of Digital Strategies
Andrew Montes
Director of Digital Strategies
Andrew Montes is the Director of Digital Strategies at As You Sow, where he helps design and build data-driven websites as a product manager, programmer, and data analyst. Andrew works on interactive financial transparency tools like Fossil Free Funds, Deforestation Free Funds, and Tobacco Free Funds. Previously, Andrew was the Communications Director at As You Sow, where he helped manage and build the communication efforts of the organization. Andrew graduated with honors from the Politics Department of University of California at Santa Cruz with a minor in Legal Studies.
Sarah Milne, Vice President, Advancement
Sarah Milne
Vice President, Advancement
Sarah is responsible for attracting the funds that allow As You Sow and RSN to deliver on their missions and create change. Previously, she was head of Development at Chabot Space & Science Center, and served as a Senior Consultant to the Sierra Club’s Beyond Oil Campaign. She has written reports on tar sands, carbon financing for the Big Sur Land Trust, and on REDD+ carbon offset baseline issues. Before pivoting to the environment and climate change, she was Director of Marketing at a venture-funded tech start-up, and worked in financial analysis, marketing and product management at Chevron and Ampex. She holds a BA from U.C. Berkeley; an MBA from Cornell; and a graduate certificate in Environmental Policy from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey.
Betsy McMahon, Operations Director
Betsy McMahon
Operations Director
Betsy brings her prior experience in the operations and management areas of financial and arts entities to As You Sow and RSN, where she oversees the day-to-day workings. She also provides data management and grant support to the organization, working closely with the Development and Communications teams. She earned her BBA from Southern Methodist University with an emphasis in human resources management. She studied for her Master’s in Music Education at Teacher’s College Columbia and was active in the music education field for many years prior to her re-entry into the operations area of the work place.
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